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Bank of Italy Building   Bank of Italy

Rebuilt after the Great Quake of 1906, this was originally a single story construction housing The Hub, a landmark Salinas gentleman's club. When Bank of Italy purchased the property in 1926, the company added a second story and opened a branch in Salinas. The Bank of Italy is famous as the first bank to use the branch system, an innovation that allowed it to open the day after the 1906 quake and one that changed banking as we know it forever. The owner, an Italian immigrant named Gianinni, saw the way the the war in Europe was going and knew that the American public would not have trust in a bank named after a country ruled by the fascist Mussolini and purchased a small Los Angeles bank: Bank of America. He promptly changed the name of his bank and the went on to become the largest bank in the United States. The Bank of Italy was so successful, it was the financier of the Golden Gate Bridge.


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